The Hit by David Baldacci

‘The Hit’ is the second book in David Baldacci’s Will Robie series and follows on from ‘The Innocent’. The third book in the series ‘The Target’ is soon to be released. ‘The Innocent’ introduced us to government assassin Will Robie. He is the best in the business, but still has a heart.

In this book we are introduced to the second best government assassin – Jessica Reel. Reel has ‘gone rogue’ killing a number of agency staff. Now Robie has been tasked with bringing her in dead or alive.

But Robie, while looking for Reel, is also looking for a reason for Reel’s actions. He has known her for a long time and can’t believe that she is a traitor. And, as he starts to look into the details, he becomes less convinced that Reel is working for an enemy or for money and more convinced that her actions are justified and that her targets deserved to die. It seems that the assassinated men were part of a bizarre conspiracy and there are still more names on Reel’s list of people who must die.

Eventually Reel and Robie team up to find all those involved in the conspiracy and try to expose them before they end up being killed themselves. And they also need to put a stop to an act that would create global chaos.


This was a very different book to ‘The Innocent’ and although I preferred ‘The Innocent’, this was still an excellent book. I think what made the difference for me was that Jessica Reel was such a dispassionate character (although still an excellent character).

It was good to see the return of some of the characters from ‘The Innocent’ – Julie Getty, Nicole Vance and Robie’s boss who is known only as Blue Man. I hope to see them all again, along with Reel, in ‘The Target’.

This is a fast-moving, action-packed and thoroughly enjoyable series so far. I hope that the rest of the series can maintain the pace.


Book Published 2013


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