Die Trying by Lee Child

‘Die Trying’ is the 2nd book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series and this one piles on the action almost from the very first page.

Reacher – our action man, superhero, wandering around the United States – finds himself in Chicago. He is walking past a dry-cleaning store when the beautiful young FBI-Agent Holly Johnson is coming out the door. She has recently injured her knee and is walking with a crutch while trying to carry several bags of dry-cleaning. Reacher rushes to her aid as she starts to drop things. And, immediately finds a gun pressed into his stomach. Holly is being kidnapped and Reacher just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They are taken off to Montana in the back of a truck, while Holly’s FBI colleagues try to work out what has happened to her. She has some serious connections in high places, so plenty of important people are keen to get her back. They end up in the compound of a right-wing militia group who intend to declare their independence from the United States.


The story involves massive amounts of weaponry and lots of baddies (some of them pretty dumb – of course), Holly and Reacher trying to outdo each other in the hero stakes, FBI-Agents in league with the baddies, Shootouts, Missiles, Egotistical maniacs and brainwashed minions. A bit over the top really.

Even through Reacher and Holly do manage to have a bit of a tumble (beside a grave that they’ve just dug), Reacher is not the love of Holly’s life as she already has someone else lined up.

In the end, the goodies prevail and the baddies get blown away.


If you love high-action books with a high body count, then you’ll probably really enjoy this novel. I normally prefer my books a bit more subtle and this, for me, is the least enjoyable Jack Reacher book that I’ve read so far. I hope that he’s not losing his appeal for me. I’ll see how I go with the next in the series – ‘Tripwire’.


Book Published 1998


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