Eden in Winter by Richard North Patterson

‘Eden in Winter’ is the 3rd book in Richard North Patterson’s Blaine Family trilogy. The first 2 books are ‘Fall From Grace’ and ‘Loss of Innocence’.

I had a bit of trouble working out the purpose of this book. I suppose it was meant to resolve and issues that were left outstanding after ‘Fall From Grace’ which it sort of achieved. Although most of the issues were not so much resolved as they just faded away. I never felt much sense of danger (except for the Afghanistan sections) for the characters, it was more a case of –this time will pass and everything will be OK. No-one surprised me, all the characters did exactly what I expected them to do.

Throughout the book there were flashbacks to events that occurred in ‘Fall From Grace’. It felt like whole chapters were copied (although I can’t be checking). There normally wasn’t much warning when the was about to happen, so for me, I just ended up scratching my head and thinking – ‘I’ve read this before’. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a problem for someone who hadn’t read ‘Fall From Grace’.


The characters were fairly well drawn and I was left with a pretty good sense of who they were. And, I certainly felt the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard.


Overall, this was a disappointing book. The trilogy was good overall and I enjoyed ‘Loss of Innocence’. But, I’d recommend only bothering with one of ‘Fall From Grace and ‘Eden in Winter’.


Book Published 2014


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