Peter Lovesey Profile and Books

Peter Lovesey was born in 1936. He lived in London during the war and in 1944 his family’s home was bombed. The neighbours who lived in the adjoining duplex died.

After finishing school, Lovesey attended Reading University to study fine arts, but quickly switched to studying English. It was here that he met his wife Jax (Jackie). He then did his National Service and some teaching while trying his hand at sports writing. Out of this and his great love for athletics, he wrote his first book ‘The Kings of Distance’.

Lovesey’s first crime novel was written for a competition. He had very little knowledge of crime novels, but was keen on the £1000 prize. So, with the encouragement of Jax and his obscure knowledge of Victorian athletics, he entered and won. ‘Wobble to Death’ became the first of a series of novels which were also produced for TV. One of his brothers (now dead) and his son are also authors.

Lovesey began his current series about Peter Diamond, a Bath based detective in 1991. He continues to release a book each year and I’ve enjoyed all the novels that I’ve read from this series.

Peter Diamond novels

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales novels

  • Bertie and the Crime of Passion (1993)
  • Bertie and the Seven Bodies (1990)
  • Bertie and the Tinman (1987)

Sergeant Cribb

  • Waxwork (1978)
  • Swing, Swing Together (1976)
  • A Case of Spirits (1975)
  • Invitation to a Dynamite Party /(US) The Tick of Death (1974)
  • Mad Hatter’s Holiday (1973)
  • Abracadaver (1972)
  • The Detective Wore Silk Drawers (1971)
  • Wobble to Death (1970)

Novels as Peter Lear

  • The Secret of Spandau (1986)
  • Spider Girl / Suspense (1980)
  • Goldengirl (1977)

Other novels

  • The Headhunters (2008)
  • The Circle (2005)
  • The Reaper (2000)
  • On the Edge (1989) – TV version Dead Gorgeous 2002
  • Rough Cider (1986)
  • Keystone (1983)
  • The False Inspector Dew (1982)
    Gold Dagger Award

Short story collections

  • Murder on the Short List (2008)
  • The Sedgemoor Strangler (2001)
  • Do Not Exceed the Stated Dose (1998)
  • The Crime of Miss Oyster Brown (1994)
  • Butchers (1985)


  • The Verdict of Us All (2006)
  • The Black Cabinet (1989)


  • An Athletics Compendium (2001)
  • The Official Centenary History of the Amateur Athletic Association (1979)
  • The Guide to British Track and Field Literature, 1275-1968 (1969)
  • The Kings of Distance (1968)





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