Gillian Flynn Profile and Books

Gillian Flynn was born in 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri. Her parents were both college professors, with her mother teaching reading and her father teaching film, so she had a lot of exposure to books and films from an early age.

She studied English and Journalism at the University of Kansas and later did her Masters in Journalism at Northwestern University. Flynn’s intention was to work as a crime reporter but she quickly found that this career didn’t suit her.

With a lifetime of exposure to film and books, she found her place working for Entertainment Weekly where she worked for 10 years before losing her job in a company reorganisation. By this stage she had already published her first novel.

The darkness of the psychological thrillers that Flynn writes bears absolutely no resemblance to her real life. She is happily married to lawyer Brett Nolan and has a young son.

Her novels are:

  • Dark Places (2009)
  • Sharp Objects (2006)


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