A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George

‘A Place of Hiding’ is the 12th book in Elizabeth George’s Inspector Linley series. Thomas Linley and Barbara Havers don’t feature in this book with the lead being taken by Deborah and Simon Allcourt St James.

During her 20s, Deborah studied photography in the USA. She lived with another photography student, China Rivers. They became close friends with China helping Deborah through some difficult times, but over the years they lost contact with each other. So, Deborah and Simon are surprised when China’s brother Cherokee turns up at their house asking for help. China is in Guernsey and has been arrested for murder.

Guy Brouard was a multimillionaire. He and his sister Ruth had lived together most of their lives after escaping the holocaust as children. They lived in Guernsey for the last nine years and poured money into local projects. Not only did Guy support the local community financially, he also encouraged many locals to expand their horizons. He was, however, a womanizer. Simon can see plenty of motives for murder in the local Guernsey community and in Guy’s family and tries to convince the local investigator – Le Gallez to look beyond China Rivers as a suspect.

Eventually the evidence helps Simon and Le Gallez to narrow down the suspect list and in typical Deborah style, she places herself in extreme and unnecessary danger when it comes to finally proving who the murderer is.


Deborah St James must be one of the most frustrating and infuriating book characters that I’ve ever come across. For that reason, the books in this series where Deborah plays a major role are probably my least favourite. Nevertheless, Elizabeth George is such and excellent writer that even Deborah St James is almost tolerable.

I’m hoping that the next book in the series- ‘With No One as Witness’, will feature much more of Thomas Linley and Barbara Havers.


Book Published 2003


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