Andrew Taylor Profile and Books

Andrew Taylor was born in 1951 and grew up in the Fen country of East Anglia where he attended the King’s School at Ely and Woodbridge School. He then went on to Emmanual College Cambridge to read English followed by University College London for an MA in Library, Archive and Information Science.

He worked as a boat builder, wages clerk, teacher, librarian and freelance publisher’s editor until 1981 when he began writing full time. His first novel – Caroline Miniscule was published in 1982.

Taylor has won many awards for both his crime and historical novels. Of his four historical novels, three have won the UK Crime Writer’s Association Historical Dagger. Several of his crime series have achieved fame, and his Roth Trilogy has been adapted for TV.

Taylor’s wife – Caroline Silverwood Taylor is an artist and photographer and also helps with the books. They have two children and live in the Forest of Dean on the borders of England and Wales.


Historical Novels

Psychological Thrillers

  • The Raven on the Water (1991)
  • The Barred Window (1993)
  • A Stain on the Silence (2006)

Roth Trilogy

Lydmouth Series (Richard Thornhill & Jill Francis)

  • An Air That Kills (1994)
  • The Mortal Sickness (1995)
  • The Lover of the Grave (1997)
  • The Suffocating Night (1998)
  • Where Roses Fade (2000)
  • Death’s Own Door (2001)
  • Call The Dying (2004)
  • Naked to the Hangman (2006)

Dougal Series

  • Caroline Minuscule (1982)
  • Waiting for the End of the World (1984)
  • Our Fathers’ Lies (1985)
  • An Old School Tie (1986)
  • Freelance Death (1987)
  • Blood Relation (1990)
  • The Sleeping Policeman (1992)
  • Odd Man Out (1993)

Blaines Novels

  • The Second Midnight (1987)
  • Blacklist (1988)
  • Toyshop (1990)

Sergeant Jim Bergerac Series (written as Andrew Saville)

  • Bergerac: Crimes of the Season (1985) (in hardback published as Bergerac is Back)
  • Bergerac and the Fatal Weakness (1988)
  • Bergerac and the Traitor’s Child (1988)
  • Bergerac and the Jersey Rose (1988)
  • Bergerac and the Moving Fever (1988)

Children’s novels

  • Hairline Cracks (1988)
  • Private Nose (1989)
  • Snapshot (1989)
  • Double Exposure (1990)
  • Negative Image (1992)
  • The Invader (1994)

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