Indelible by Karin Slaughter

‘Indelible’ is the 4th book in Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series and it is my favourite book in the series so far. It brings together a lot of information about the past and present lives of two main characters – Jeffrey Tolliver and Sara Linton.

Jeffrey and Sara’s relationship is still on-again, off-again. Jeffrey wants a commitment from Sara that she is not willing to make. They are at the police station trying to talk when the station is stormed by two gunmen. The gunmen’s aim is to kill Jeffrey but they have no hesitation in murdering anyone else that gets in their way. After the initial assault, they barricade themselves in the police station with a number of hostages, including the injured Jeffrey (pretending to be someone else), Sara, and a number of 10 year old children who were having a tour of the station.

But the main part of the story is Sara’s recollection of the early days of her relationship with Jeffrey when Jeffrey first took her to his small hometown of Sylacauga Alabama to meet his mother and school friends.

The trip turned into the holiday from hell as Sara came to realise why Jeffrey was ostracised in his home town. Then Jeffrey’s friend Robert is involved in a shooting and a body is found that dates back to Jeffrey and Robert’s school days. Sara is influenced by the town’s attitude towards Jeffrey and she is not sure if she can trust him. Eventually their love for each other wins through.

Now Jeffrey’s past has come back to haunt him as two young men from his past try to get their revenge.


Both stories from this book were absolutely riveting and I loved the way that the two parts of the book were brought together in the end.

I was pleased that the focus moved away from Lena Adams in this book since I’d had more then enough of her at the end of the previous book – ‘A Faint Cold Fear’.

I’m looking forward to continuing the story in the next book in the series – ‘Faithless’.


Book Published 2004


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