Dan Brown Profile and Books

Dan Brown was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States in June 1964. He is most famous for his novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’ which is one of the highest selling books of all time.

Brown was the oldest of three children. His father taught Mathematics and wrote text books and his mother sang in Church choirs and served as a Church organist. While growing up, Brown had a lot of exposure to puzzles and codes. Every Christmas and birthday involved a treasure hunt and this is where he developed his interest in the ‘treasure hunts’ portrayed in his novels.

After finishing school, Brown attempted to make his way as a singer and songwriter without much success, although this is how he met his wife Blyth. He worked as an English teacher for a while before deciding to become a writer. His first novels did not sell many copies.

His fourth novel – ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was a huge success and also led to an increase in sales of his earlier works.

His writing has been criticized, but with his book sales it is obvious that many people either disagree with the critics or don’t care. There have also been a number of unsuccessful copyright infringement cases against Brown.

His books involve intense research, much of which is carries out in conjunction with his wife Blyth. He has ideas for several more novels in the Robert Langdon series, so we can expect the entertaining treasure hunts to continue.

Brown’s Books:

Robert Langdon series:

Non-series books

  • Digital Fortress (1998)
  • Deception Point (2001)

Humor writing

  • 187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman (1995)
    (co-written with his wife under the pseudonym Danielle Brown)
  • The Bald Book (1998)(co-written with his wife)


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