Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs

‘Deadly Decisions’ is the 3rd Tempe Brennan novel by Kathy Reichs and is once again set mostly in Montreal.

This novel focuses on a turf war between rival outlaw motorcycle clubs – Hells Angels, Heathens and Banditos and their affiliate clubs. Many people would be happy enough to see the bikers kill each other, except that nine year old Emily Anne Toussaint has just been killed in the cross fire.

Forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan swears that she will do whatever it takes to help find Emily’s killer. So, she joins the task force currently investigating the bikers. This results in her working with the surly police investigator Luc Claudel and his even more surly partner Quickwater. With her usual police contact – the incredibly sexy and oversexed Andrew Ryan out of the picture, Tempe has no one to turn to.

Then, when retrieving some skeletons from Biker land, Tempe finds some additional bones – belonging to a teenage girl. Now she is seeking justice for two innocents.

Meanwhile, Tempe’s nephew Kit has arrived from Texas to stay with her. He has a love of bikes – particularly Harley Davidsons. When a friend of a friend offers to show Kit some Harleys, Kit jumps at the chance. Now Tempe is worried that Kit is getting involved with the wrong people and getting too close to the dangerous world of motorcycle gangs.

As Tempe and the police get closer to solving the deaths of the two girls and other biker deaths, threats are made and life gets more dangerous for all concerned. Finally there is a showdown between bikers and as usual innocent people are placed in harms way.

This book was action packed, and some of it was pretty scary. I found Tempe a bit difficult to warm to in this book as she moved between serious professional and interfering fool and between caring aunt and too wrapped up in herself (mind you, she does better than Kit’s mother). I think I missed the presence of Andrew Ryan in her life.

The situations and characters were well described and made the book difficult to put down. I’m looking forward to continuing the series with – ‘Fatal Voyage’.


Date Published 2000


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