Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs

‘Fatal Voyage’ is the 4th novel in Kathy Reichs’s Tempe Brennan series and the initial focus of this book is a plane crash.

Forensic Anthropologist Temperance (Tempe) Brennan is travelling in North Carolina when she is called to assist with body recovery and identification after a mid-air explosion of a plane has killed and scattered the remains of all 88 passengers and crew. Soon Tempe is in the thick of things recovering body parts and matching them to the list of passengers and crew on the flight. Her favourite Montreal detective Andrew Ryan is also involved because his partner Bertrand was on the flight escorting a prisoner. There is a fear that the explosion was caused by a bomb and Bertrand’s prisoner was the target.

Then Tempe discovers a body part that she can’t match to any of the people listed on the flight. She widens her search area and discovers an abandoned house in the woods near the crash site that none of the locals know anything about. As soon as she starts to investigate the extra body part and the abandoned house, her problems begin and the air disaster takes a back seat. She finds herself accused of misconduct and removed from the investigation.

But with her career and reputation on the line she starts to head off on her own investigation. Once again she places herself in danger trying to work out what is going on while powerful and corrupt people try to shut down her investigation in any way they can. The truth ends up being more horrifying than the plane crash!


Taken on its own, this was an excellent novel. Taken in conjunction with the other books in the series, it was a bit sameish – Tempe finds a problem, starts to investigate, goes off on her own, has her life threatened and is saved in the nick of time. Her tortured relationship with Ryan is equally frustrating – for goodness sake, just get on with it!

Boyd was a very nice addition to her life – a cadaver seeking mongrel. Of course this hasn’t impressed her cat Birdie.

I’m hoping to see a bit of wild sex with Ryan in the next novel – ‘Grave Secrets’.


Date Published 2001


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