Beyond Reach / Skin Privelege by Karin Slaughter

‘Beyond Reach/ Skin Privilege’ is the 6th and final book in Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series although some of the characters continue in the Will Trent series that follows. Having read some of Karin Slaughter’s later books, I knew what was coming at the end of this series, but it still blew me away!

Lena’s ex-meth-addict uncle Hank normally phones her several times each week, but Lena hasn’t heard from him for a while and is having trouble contacting him. So, she travels to Reece, the town in which she grew up and where Hank still lives, only to discover that he is once again using meth.

While trying to discover why Hank is back on drugs, Lena finds herself blundering around in a small town that seems to have been completely taken over by drugs, She gets herself into trouble pretty quickly. Eventually, she finds herself arrested for a very grisly murder and at this point her boss – police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver, is called in. Jeffrey arrives in Reece with his wife (recently remarried) paediatrician and coroner Sara Linton.

Sara is facing her own problems as she is currently being sued for malpractice, so the last thing she wants to deal with is Lena’s problems.

When Lena is unable to convince Jeffrey and Sara to leave town (for their own safety), she escapes from custody and continues trying to find out what has happened to Hank. Her investigations reveal parts of her own past that she didn’t previously know. Jeffrey and Sara also find out more about Lena’s background. It’s little wonder that Lena is so messed up given the way that she grew up.

As Lena, Jeffrey and Sara get closer to the truth of what is going on and who is involved, their lives are placed in greater danger. They are unsure if there is anyone they can really trust.

Eventually the situation reaches crisis levels and the truth is revealed.

Then just when it seems that everything is over, the lives of several of the main characters are completely and irrevocably shattered.


I’m still trying to come to terms with the end of this book and the end of an incredible series. I’m going to miss the characters who won’t be continuing into the next series. But, I look forward to reading about the new lives taken on by those who are continuing. And I’m looking forward to the introduction of Will Trent in – ‘Triptych’.


Book Published 2007


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