The Final Silence by Stuart Neville

‘The Final Silence’ is Stuart Neville’s 4th novel featuring DI Jack Lennon. It is the first Jack Lennon novel that I’ve read and while it worked perfectly well as a stand-alone novel, I would have loved to have Jack’s full history – but I’m a bit of a series junkie.

Lennon is suspended from the police and being investigated for the shooting of another policeman. He is hoping for a disability pension having been severely wounded himself. He is addicted to painkillers and drinking too much. His relationship with Susan, the lady he lives with, is spiralling downhill. His friendship with Susan has enabled him to hang onto his daughter Ellen whose dead mother’s family want to take her away.

In the middle of this, Lennon receives a call for help from an ex-girlfriend Rea Carlisle. Rea’s uncle recently died and she has been cleaning out his house. In a locked room she came across a very disturbing journal. Her father, a prominent Belfast politician, refuses to take the journal to the police. But, Rea must speak to someone and the only person she can think of is Jack.

Lennon visits Rea at her uncle’s house and when she is later found murdered, he is the last person to have seen her alive.

DCI Serena Flannagan is one of the toughest cops around and has set her sights on Lennon as the murderer. With plenty of problems of her own, she needs a quick resolution to the case.

So now Lennon is on the run, trying to find the missing journal and work out the paramilitary links between Reas’s uncle and father.


This book was full of brilliant characters, most of whom instantly drew me into their stories. I particularly loved the relationship that developed between Serena Flannagan and Ida Carlisle (Reas’s mother) and particularly disliked Ellen’s aunt and Cousins. But, the other cops as well as Roscoe and Dixie Stoops also came to life for me. And beneath the plot and the characters I could feel the unhealed wounds of Northern Ireland’s fragile peace.

I loved this book and plan to go back and read the earlier Jack Lennon books starting with ‘The Twelve/ The Ghosts of Belfast’.


Book Published 2014


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