Winter of the Wolf Moon by Steve Hamilton

‘Winter of the Wolf Moon’ is the 2nd novel in Steve Hamilton’s series featuring ex-Detroit cop Alex McKnight. Alex retired to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after being injured. He lives in a small town called Paradise, renting out cabins to drunken snowmobilers (in winter anyway). His friends are a ragtag bunch – Vinnie LeBlanc, an Ojibwe Indian, Jacky, a bar owner originally from Glasgow, Maven – a tough old cop, and Leon Purdell – the butt of many jokes who wants to be a Private Investigator, preferably in partnership with Alex.

When Vinnie convinces Alex to fill in in his ice hockey team, Alex has no idea what sort of problems this will lead to. One of the opposition players – Lonnie Bruckman is an over-aggressive druggy. When Bruckman’s girlfriend – Dorothy Parrish later asks Alex to help her escape Bruckman, he takes his responsibility to her very personally. He puts her in one of his spare cabins, but in the morning the cabin has been turned over and Dorothy is missing.

Pretty soon it becomes clear that Alex  is not the only one looking for Dorothy and the bag that she had in her possession. Alex finds himself searching for Dorothy while tangling with some really nasty groups of people, each with their own agenda. And, the UP winter is so cold that it literally takes your breath away!

Tenacious to the point of stupidity, Alex almost gets himself killed – twice – before he is eventually able to find out what has happened to Dorothy.


While not as good as some of the other books in the series, this novel was very fast-paced and exciting and some of the characters were excellent.

I always have a bit of trouble relating to the extreme cold described in the books of this series. I read this one during a Sydney heat wave so the experience was almost surreal.

I’m enjoying Alex McKnight as a character and plan to continue the series with – ‘The Hunting Wind’ while also reading any new releases in the series.


Book Published 2000


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