Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs

‘Bones Never Lie’ is the 17th book in the Tempe Brennan series by Kathy Reichs and it is the best book in the series that I’ve read for a while. What an ending!

Tempe is called in to help with a murder investigation because DNA found on the body matches Angelique Pomerleau – a murderer who got away from a grisly murder scene in Montreal several years ago.

It seems that Pomerleau is back to her old tricks as the number of bodies found who were killed in the same way gradually increases. Montreal Detective Andrew Ryan (Tempe’s one time lover) was involved in the initial investigation, so Tempe’s first task is to track him down (he has been missing since the overdose death of his daughter) and convince him to come back to work and help find Pomerleau.

So with police from several jurisdictions (including master slob ‘Skinny’ Slidell) often hostile to each other, and with Tempe in Charlotte and Ryan in Montreal, they gradually trace Pomerleau’s movements since the time she got away, as well as tracing the last movements of several of the victims.

Ryan has not got over his daughter’s death and isn’t the same Ryan that we have come to know and love. Tempe also has a lot on her plate with her internet savvy mother (where on earth did she come from) experiencing problems of her own.


I was waiting for Tempe to put her own life in danger as she seems to do every novel, but this time she put someone else’s life in danger instead (unintentionally of course).

Many of the characters in this book seemed much more grown up than I’m used to seeing – particularly Tempe and Ryan. Their relationship throughout was extremely strained and Tempe was much less of a silly schoolgirl. The last two pages of the book were a complete surprise – what an amazing ending! Tempe’s mother was completely fascinating. Why haven’t we met her before?


I’m gradually working my way through the series from the beginning, so I’ll be encountering Pomerleau from the other direction in the future. Meanwhile, I look forward to the next new novel to find out what develops as a result of the end of this one.


Date Published 2014


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