The Silent Boy by Andrew Taylor

‘The Silent Boy’ (which is also published as ‘Silent Wounds’) is such an excellent book. Andrew Taylor just gets better and better with each book.

Edward Savill (who we met in Taylor’s previous novel – ‘The Scent of Death’) is estranged from his wife Augusta. She left him for another man and has had a few more since. Now caught up in the revolution in Paris in 1792, Augusta has been murdered. Her 10 year old son Charles witnessed the murder and has since been unable to say a word.

Charles has been brought to England by a wealthy Frenchman claiming to be his father. But Savill, still married to Augusta, is Charles’s legal guardian and has gone to Charnwood House – in the country near Bath, to collect him.

Augusta’s uncle, Mr Rampton, a high ranking government employee, would like to adopt Charles. And it seems that others also want Charles as he is abducted from Charnwood House.

What has Charles seen that has caused him to lose his speech, and why are so many people trying to get to Charles? How will a 10 year old boy manage to survive in a foreign country while completely mute?


This book was so well written that I couldn’t put it down. It was excellent in so many ways – history, characters and plot. I looked for some other review of this book and was surprised at how few there were. Why isn’t everyone reading this brilliant novel by Andrew Taylor?

I’m currently reading Taylor’s Roth Trilogy, but will also be waiting impatiently for Andrew Taylor’s next new release!


Book Published 2014


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