Scared Yet? by Jaye Ford

‘Scared Yet?’ is an excellent psychological thriller along with Jaye Ford’s other three novels – ‘Beyond Fear’, ‘Blood Secret’ and ‘Already Dead‘. Once again, I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Livia has had a dreadful year. Her father is in a hospice dying of cancer. She is going through a bitter divorce with her husband Thomas and has to share custody of their son Cameron. And, the business she owns with her best friend Kelly is facing financial difficulties and is in danger of failing.

Then walking to her car in a multi-story car park after working late, she is attacked. Using her fighting skills and determination, she manages to fight off her attacker and is hailed for her bravery. Then she starts to receive anonymous notes with messages such as: ‘Are you scared yet Livia?’ and more threatening messages. She receives the notes in various locations and it is obvious that the writer is stalking her.

As the tension builds, and the police seem to have no real leads, Livia starts to take precautions to keep herself safe. But, with her friends now being threatened, she is losing faith in those around her and has no idea who she can trust. In order to save those she loves from a complete maniac, she tries to force her stalker to confront her face to face.


This book was incredibly scary, mostly because the settings were so ordinary and it was easy to imagine this situation actually happening. The story was brilliantly written, so that at various times almost everyone became a suspect. As the story went on I was drawn into it more and more, and I found the book impossible to put down.

That’s three brilliant psychological thrillers for Jaye Ford and hopefully many more to come!


Book Published 2012


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