Fractured by Karin Slaughter

‘Fractured’ is Karin Slaughter’s second book featuring Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Agent Will Trent.

Abigail Campano returns home to find her daughter brutally murdered and the murderer standing over the body. She fights the murderer and strangles him. She and her husband Paul later find out that the murdered girl was not their daughter Emma but her friend Kyla and the man Abigail killed was not the murderer but Emma’s friend. Emma has been abducted.

Because the family is well connected, the GBI are called in to investigate. But when Will Trent arrives at the plush Campano home, the Atlanta police have already trampled the scene, made the wrong assumptions and headed in the wrong direction. Not only are the police unhappy about losing the case to the GBI, but Will has recently investigated corruption within the police and is not a popular man. His investigation caused a senior officer – Evelyn Mitchell to resign and now he is being teamed with her daughter Faith.

The initially frosty relationship between Will and Faith slowly develops into one of mutual respect as they each use their strengths to follow the evidence and hopefully find Emma alive.

Will does his best to hide his dyslexia but it causes him to miss some vital clues. It also works to his advantage by enabling him to have a different perspective. His past also comes into play as he and Paul Campano spent time at the same orphanage as children.

What Will and Faith eventually uncover is a horrible trail of child abuse and people in positions of authority and trust taking advantage of others.


This was an excellent novel and very difficult to put down. The characters were excellent and you could almost feel the pain experienced by Emma’s parents – particularly her mother Abigail. You could also feel Will’s frustration with his inability to read, lack of social grace and dependence on his girlfriend Angie.

This book and the previous one ‘Triptych’ have been an excellent introduction to Will Trent. There are now several more Will Trent novels (the next one is ‘Undone/ Genesis’) which I highly recommend.


Book Published 2008


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