Life or Death by Michael Robotham

‘Life or Death’ is the first novel that I’ve read by Michael Robotham. It is brilliant! Now that I know what I’ve been missing, I’m keen to read his other 9 novels.

Ten years ago Audie Palmer was jailed for taking part in an armed robbery in which four people were killed and the 7 million dollars of stolen money was never found. Severely injured himself, Audie surprised everyone by surviving his injuries and numerous attempts on his life while in prison. He is due to be released tomorrow, so why has he escaped the day before his release date (risking an extra 25 years’ incarceration)?

The story switches back and forth between Audie’s present life on the run and his past leading up to and during the robbery. Gradually we find out how events conspired against Audie during his life, what really happened 10 years ago, what happened to the money, and why Audie escaped from prison early.

There are some excellent supporting characters in the story. FBI Agent Frank Senogles was in charge of the case 10 years ago. He handed the case on, but is now back in charge and hunting for Audie. FBI Agent Desiree Furness took over Audie’s case. She has spent hours with the records but still can’t understand exactly how events unfolded. Sheriff Ryan Valdez was involved in Audie’s original capture. He has a personal connection to the case and will do whatever it takes to find Audie. Moss Webster is big and mean but saved Audie’s life more than once in prison. He’s hoping that he can save his life again (along with his own).


This book was so good that I had trouble purring it down. The plot was excellent and the way the story unfolded kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were brilliant and Audie had my sympathy almost from the first page. The Texas setting was also very real.

I love discovering an author who makes me wonder what rock I’ve been living under. I’m planning to read much more by Michael Robotham. Next on my list is – ‘The Suspect’.


Book Published 2014


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  1. This was my first Robotham novel and i liked it very much. Well written and characters development is good. I am sure you will not be keeping the book down to know why the main lead took a silly decision.

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