Ice Station by Matthew Reilly

‘Ice Station’ was certainly an action packed book. I wondered if it was supposed to be a parody of some of the gung-ho US Marine books out there – with a bit of sci-fi thrown in.

There is something buried in the ice about a mile below the surface of Wilkes Station – a US Antarctic Station. Once word starts to filter out, western powers will do anything to get their hands on it, including throwing away the pretence that they are really friends. Multiple nations invade Wilkes Station, including some American baddies and some huge fights take place.

Our hero – Shane ‘Scarecrow’ Schofield is the head of a US Marine Reconnaissance team and like all action heroes, he is completely indestructible, taking hits that would kill an ordinary man and continually coming back for more.

The book also has a pod of killer whales with a love of human flesh, a cute little seal who likes saving the good guys and a bunch of mutant elephant seals licking the bones of stray divers.

Even the geeky scientists and little kids (and don’t forget the furry animals) turn into action heroes!


The feeling I had while reading was a bit like the first time I saw Die Hard. Crisis, almost recovering to face the next crisis, again and again. It left me breathless, but I couldn’t stop reading.

Take every over-the-top action book, roll them into one, then add a bit more and you’ll come close to Ice Station. It’s entertaining and fun and only the first in a series. Book 2 sees the return of Scarecrow in – ‘Area 7’.

Ridiculous but entertaining and completely different from ‘The Tournament’.


Book Published 1998


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