Michael Jecks Profile and Books

Michael Jecks was born in 1960 in Surrey. His father was an actuary and, being good at maths, it seemed logical for Michael to follow in his father’s footsteps. It took seven years of university before Jecks realised that he was completely unsuited to this profession. He then became a computer salesman. But, these were incredibly turbulent times in the computer industry and Jecks went through 13 jobs in 13 years (mostly because of companies folding or downsizing). Finally, with the support of his family, Michael Jecks decided to write the novel that he had been thinking about for many years.

With his love of medieval history and a recent trip to Fursdon House, the ex-Templar Medieval Knight Sir Baldwin Furnshill and his companion Simon Puttock were born. His first book – ‘The Last Templar’ was sold and two more in the series were commissioned. No one ever anticipated that the series would stretch to 32 novels.

As a member of many writing groups in the Devon and Exeter area, Jecks has many more story ideas beyond Sir Baldwin, and has now started to develop his writing in other areas as well.

While he totally loves writing (the job where you get paid for daydreaming), Jecks has sometimes missed (particularly in the early days) having a regular predictable income. He didn’t have a childhood dream of being a writer.

Jecks lives in a small village in Northern Datrmoor with his wife, children and dogs.

His novels to date are:


Vintener Trilogy

Knights Templar Mysteries

The Medieval Murderers

  • The Tainted Relic (#1) (2005)
  • Sword of Shame (#2) (2006)
  • House of Shadows (#3) (2007)
  • The Lost Prophecies (#4) (2008)
  • King Arthur’s Bones (#5) (2009)
  • Sacred Stone (#6) (2010)

Jack Blackjack/Bloody Mary Series

The First Crusade



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