No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay

I love it when I come across an author I haven’t read before and can’t put the book down. ‘No Time for Goodbye’ was just such a book.

When Cynthia Bigge was 14 years old, she woke up one morning to find her parents and brother gone from the house. No trace was ever found of her family and Cynthia went to live with her aunt Tess.

Now 25 years later, Cynthia is married to Terry Archer and has an eight year old daughter – Grace. Understandably she is paranoid and over-protective and rarely goes through a day without wondering about her missing family. When Cynthia has the opportunity to make one last TV appeal for information, she grabs it.

But, after the TV appearance strange things start happening. Cynthia sees a car that she thinks is following her and Grace. Someone breaks into their house and leaves behind her father’s hat. They begin to receive anonymous phone calls and e-mails. Unhappy with the police response, they hire a private detective.

The story is told by Terry, and every step of the way he wonders if Cynthia has finally cracked and if she has set up the events that are now occurring. But, could Cynthia go as far as murder?


This was an absolute edge of your seat thriller. There were so many twists in the story that I couldn’t begin to guess what was really going on. Every path that my thoughts took ended up being a wrong turn! There were also some excellent characters in the story – I particularly liked Vince Flemming (a small time gangster with another side to him) and Jane Scavullo (the belligerent teenager).

Having read this book, I can’t wait to read more by Linwood Barclay.


Book Published 2007


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