Tripwire by Lee Child

‘Tripwire’ is the 3rd book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series and it hasn’t taken long – Reacher has already run out of money and taken a job to rebuild his bank account so he can continue the life of a drifter.

Reacher is in Key West digging swimming pools by hand – and he has the physique to suit this type of job. Tracked by deposits to his bank account, a private investigator arrives looking for Reacher. He has been sent by Mrs Jacob. Reacher has never heard of her and denies his identity. But, when the PI is murdered, Reacher feels guilty enough to fly to New York and find out who she is.

Mrs Jacob turns out to be Jodie Garber, the daughter of his old friend and mentor Leon Garber. Leon was working on something, but realising he wouldn’t be able to finish it, he wanted to hand his work over to Reacher. Now Leon is dead and he hasn’t left much information behind for Reacher to work with.

Leon was looking for a Vietnam M.I.A (missing in action) Victor Hobie on behalf of Victor’s ageing parents.

Meanwhile, evil villain – Hook Hobie is setting up another victim in his loan business. He looks set too steal 3 generations worth of business from the Stone family, but the feisty, beautiful Marilyn Stone is doing her best to fight back.

As Reacher follows the trail of Victor Hobie, Hobie receives messages that it is time to bail out – but he just can’t leave without finishing his business with the Stones.

While Reacher and Jodie start the sort of relationship that they couldn’t consider when she was only 15 years old, Hobie decides to get them out of the way permanently. Only Reacher’s unique combination of brain and brawn could save this one!


This was yet another action packed thriller in the Reacher series. It ended with Reacher looking almost domesticated, but I don’t expect that will last for long. I’ll find out when I read the next in the series – ‘The Visitor / Running Blind’.


Book Published 1999


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