Echo Burning by Lee Child

‘Echo Burning’ is the 5th Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. In the previous novel – ‘Running Blind/ The Visitor’ Reacher wasn’t quite the action man we are used to seeing, but in this novel we see a return of the Reacher we know and love.

Reacher is in a small town in Texas and has to leave in a hurry (after beating the wrong person in a fight). But, he is still surprised to get a ride so quickly. He is even more surprised that the driver is a young and pretty Hispanic woman. He soon finds out that she has a reason for picking him up.

Carmen Greer wants help and Reacher looks like the right sort of person to help her. Her husband is about to be released from prison. He has abused her in the past and now she fears for her life (since she is the reason that he ended up in prison). She would like Reacher to ‘take care’ of her husband.

But Carmen’s story doesn’t quite ring true for Reacher and he is not sure if he believes her or not. He accompanies her back to the wealthy family ranch in the little town of Echo (in Texas) to find out what is really going on.

From here the story progresses in typical Reacher style as the bad guys go after him and he consistently manages to outsmart them. As the body count starts to climb, Reacher realises that there’s more going on than even Carmen knows about.


Every now and then it is fun to forget the real world and Lee Child certainly helps me do that with his Jack Reacher series. So, I guess I can ignore that this book portrays all Texans as racist, sexist pigs who like to use Mexicans as target practice. There were some issues raised in a more realistic manner.

This was a fun, action packed novel that was very difficult to put down. I’m sure that the next in the series – ‘Without Fail’ will be equally entertaining.


Book Published 2001


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