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Matthew Reilly was born in 1974 in Sydney, Australia. He attended Aloysius College on Sydney’s Lower North Shore and studied Law at the University of New South Wales.

Reilly did not always enjoy reading and credits his turnaround at about age 15 to two books – ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Lord of the Flies’.

He wrote his first book – ‘Contest’ at the age of 19 (while at university). He was unable to find a publisher and self-published 1000 copies. He placed these in bookshops around Sydney and was eventually discovered by an editor from Pan Macmillon. One of the original 1000 books recently sold for $1200 and Reilly has now sold over 7 Million books in over 20 countries.

As is obvious from most of Reilly’s book, he loves big action scenes. He eventually wants to direct a movie adapted from one of his own books.

In 2004, Reilly married his childhood sweetheart Natalie Freer. Natalie later suffered from anorexia and depression and took her own life in 2011.

Reilly’s novels to date are:

Stand-alone novels

Shane Schofield

Jack West Jr

  • Seven Ancient Wonders/ 7 Deadly Wonders (#1) (2005)
  • The Six Sacred Stones (#2) (2007)
  • The Five Greatest Warriors (#3) (2009)
  • The Four Legendary Kingdoms (#4) (2016)
  • The Three Secret Cities (#5) (2018)

Hover Car Racer

  • Hover Car Racer (2004)(Published as three mini-books in the United States)
  • Crash Course (#1) (2005)
    Full Throttle (#2) (2006)
    Photo Finish (#3) (2007)


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