The Visitor/ Running Blind by Lee Child

‘The Visitor’ (titled ‘Running Blind’ in the USA) is the 4th Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child and sees Reacher working reluctantly with the FBI.

The book starts out in typical Reacher style. Reacher is in a restaurant when two men come in to demand protection money from the restaurant owner. Reacher decides to sort the two gangsters out. But that is about the last we see of action man Reacher.

The FBI is searching for a serial killer. Two ex-army women who Reacher once helped with sexual harassment cases (while he was working as a military policeman) have been bizarrely murdered. At first they think that Reacher fits the profile of the killer. Then they keep him working with them with threats to both Reacher and his girlfriend Jodi. Working with the FBI, Reacher mostly operates within the law (for a change).

The FBI is basing their search for the killer on a profile by one of their lead profilers – Special Agent Julia Lamarr. Reacher takes an instant dislike to Lamarr. He also thinks she is too personally involved because her sister is on the list of potential future victim. Reacher thinks the FBI profile is rubbish and starts to think in his own direction, fighting the FBI every step of the way, and dragging his FBI minder, Lisa Harper, with him.


This was a very different Reacher story. If you like Reacher for blood, gore and action, then you probably won’t go for this book.

At the end of the previous novel – ‘Tripwire’, Reacher inherited a house and got together with Jodi, a girl he had loved for 15 years. But owning a house and spending time with one woman (a serious lawyer at that) is making Reacher very uncomfortable. By the end of this book, Reacher is on the verge of selling the house and his relationship with Jodi is starting to unravel.

So, Reacher should be back to his old wandering, womanising, law breaking, action hero self by the next book in the series. I look forward to finding out in ‘Echo Burning’.


Book Published 2000


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