Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo

‘Blood On Snow’ is a short novel by Jo Nesbo. While it reads like a standalone novel, there is another book due later this year featuring The Fisherman – a character from this story (‘Midnight Sun‘).

This story is mostly about Olav. Olav has failed at most things he has tried – bank robber, pimp, getaway driver. He is now working as a fixer (a contract killer) but the ease with which he falls in love sometimes gets in the way.

The man who gives Olav his contracts is local crime boss Hoffman. In his latest contract, Olav has been hired by Hoffman to kill his unfaithful wife. But when Olav sees Corinna, he can’t help but fall in love with her.

The consequences are disastrous and when Olav betrays Hoffman, the only person he can think of to turn to is Hoffman’s rival – The Fisherman.

But no-one is who they initially appear to be (except for one of Olav’s earlier loves – Maria). Olav finds himself betrayed by everyone.


It’s pretty difficult to feel sympathy for or identify with a contract killer, even if he has a heart. Olav was a complex character, both good and bad, but he just didn’t appeal to me.

Even halfway through the book I was still trying to decide if I was going to bother finishing it. I’m glad I did because the last quarter makes the whole story worthwhile.

As with all of Jo Nesbo’s work, it was excellently written. It was also short enough that it wasn’t difficult to get through the bits that I didn’t like.

I’ll be finding out later this year what the second book in the Blood On Snow series has to offer.


Book Published 2015 (Norwegian)

Book Published in English 2015


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