Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows Profile and Books

Mary Ann Shaffer was born in 1934 and died in 2008. She worked as an editor, a librarian and in bookstores, but she always wanted to write a book.

Shaffer became interested in occupied Guernsey when she was stranded there in fog in 1976. When she was finally convinced to write her book, her thoughts returned to Guernsey. She became ill before the book was completed and asked her niece Annie Barrows (a children’s author) to help her complete it. Shaffer died in 2008 before the book was published.


Annie Barrows was born in 1962 in California. She graduated in Medieval History at UC Berkeley, then went on to become a proof reader and editor.

She wrote a number of adult non-fiction books before writing for children. She is best known for her Ivy and Bean series of childrens books.

She is married with two daughters and lives in Northern California.


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