Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs

‘Monday Mourning’ is the 7th book in Kathy Reichs Tempe Brennan series and one of the more riveting books in the series in my opinion. It also introduces the characters Anique Pomerlau and Tawny McGee who both reappear in the 17th book in the series – ‘Bones Never Lie’.

When bones are discovered in the basement of a Montreal Pizza Parlour, Tempe is called in. Digging in the freezing Montreal winter, Tempe uncovers two additional bodies. All three bodies belong to teenage girls and while Detective Luc Claudel believes they have been dead for over 100 years, Tempe has some doubts about this. She is eventually proven to be right which assists in identification but also raises concerns that the killer may still be killing.

Detectives Claudel and Charbonnau, along with Tempe’s off-again, on-again lover Detective Andrew Ryan are involved in another operation and too busy to listen. Tempe and her friend Anne (taking a break from her wobbly marriage) decide to start investigating on their own. Some of the previous occupants of the Pizza Parlour are fairly suspicious characters, but they eventually narrow down their list to the most suspect one.

Tempe discovers that a sadist has been holding teenage girls for years, torturing them until they die. And, he is still operating.

Eventually, Tempe manages to convince Claudel to take the investigation seriously. But, she goes off on her own, placing her own life and that of her friend Anne in danger.

Throughout this book Tempe’s relationship with Ryan is struggling. Is Ryan fooling around on the side, or has Tempe somehow misinterpreted what is going on. For some reason, Tempe decides not to confront Ryan.


The main plot of this story was excellent and moved at a cracking pace. As usual, there were some fairly detailed descriptions of some of the forensic procedures (excellent if you like that sort of thing). The romance side of the story was pretty frustrating – particularly after the advances made in the previous book – ‘Bare Bones’. Hopefully Tempe’s love life will be back on track in the next novel in the series – ‘Cross Bones’.


Date Published 2004


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