Nobody Walks by Mick Herron

‘Nobody Walks’ is a standalone spy thriller by Mick Herron and the brilliant characters in the story kept me hooked from beginning to end.

Thomas Bettany is ex-MI5. He worked undercover for many years as Martin Boyd. When the operation was finally over, he left London with his family. Then his wife died and he argued with his son Liam. Tom always planned to go back and make things right with his son.

Now, working at a meat packing plant in France, Tom receives a message that 26 year old Liam is dead. Liam fell from his balcony while smoking dope. But Tom has trouble accepting the tragedy and wants to find out exactly what happened to Liam.

His two main avenues are to find Liam’s dealer and to find out more about Liam’s life through his work colleagues – friend, Flea and boss, Vincent Driscoll.

But Bettany quickly finds out that he hasn’t managed to leave his old life as Martin Boyd behind. As soon as word spreads that he is back in town, he is hunted by two groups of people – the men he put away while he was Boyd, and members of MI5 headed by Dame Ingrid Tearney. The criminals want Bettany dead as payback, while Tearney has her own personal reasons for manipulating Bettany’s life.

The story gets more and more thrilling as Bettany gets closer to the truth and the trackers get closer to Bettany.


Some of the characters in the story were brilliant including the manipulative director of MI5 – Dame Ingrid Tearney, the Estonian drug boss – Marten Saar, the socially challenged and eccentric boss of the game software company – Vincent Driscoll, and many more.

The story moved at a rapid pace and was difficult to put down. The plot was clever and Herron brought everything together brilliantly. I certainly plan to read more of Mick Herron’s books.


Book Published 2015


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