Deadly Election by Lindsey Davis

‘Deadly Election’ is the 3rd book in Lindsey Davis’s Flavia Albia series. Flavia Albia is an informer and the daughter of Marcus Didius Falco. This story is set in July AD 89.

With Falco away, avoiding the oppressive Roman summer heat, Albia is the only family member in town and even though she is still ill, she agrees to stand in as the family representative while the family business holds an auction. But one of the items to be auctioned contains a decomposing corpse. Albia takes on the task of identifying the corpse and finding out how it ended up in a strong box.

Meanwhile, Manlius Faustus (the man who Albia wishes was more than a friend) is working as an election manager for his friend Vibius. He hires Albia to dig up dirt on the opposing candidates, and she certainly manages to dig up some fascinating dirt.

This book clearly demonstrates the complications of family relationships in ancient Rome as far too many women named Julia appear on the scene – related to the election candidates and to the family whose items are being auctioned.

As Albia’s two jobs merge, the relationship between Albia and Faustus also continues to develop. Albia almost despairs of Faustus being more than a friend until she finally starts to work out his real intentions. I’m sure that the dolphin bench that Faustus has bought for Albia will play a further role in the series.


This was a fun book to read. I enjoyed it more for the interactions between Albia and Faustus that I did for Albia’s informer work. I also loved the reappearance of some of the characters from the Falco series, particularly Petronius and Maia.

I’m hoping that this series will continue for a long time (maybe to rival the 20 Falco books).

Next novel in series is ‘Graveyard of Hesperides‘.


Book Published 2015


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