Dry Bones that Dream/ Final Account by Peter Robinson

‘Dry Bones that Dream’ (also published as ‘Final Account’) is Peter Robinson’s 7th DI Banks mystery.

One evening, two masked thugs visit the home of Keith Rothwell. They tie up his wife and daughter, then march him out to his own barn where they execute him. Why would anyone want to execute a mild-mannered and extremely boring accountant? The only clues that Banks and his team have to go on are a description Rothwell’s daughter gives of the eyes of one of the thugs and some distinctive wadding used in a homemade bullet.

Everything changes when Rothwell’s photo is published in the newspaper. Pamela Jeffreys identifies the man as her ex-lover Robert Calvert. It seems that Rothwell has been living a double life as the boring accountant Keith Rothwell in the Yorkshire countryside and the lively, fun-loving Robert Calvert in Leeds.

Then Banks’s ex-colleague from London, ‘Dirty’ Disk Burgess (now investigating fraud) arrives. Rothwell and his colleague Clegg were being investigated for laundering money for a Caribbean dictator. It seems that Rothwell had been skimming some of the proceeds. Now Rothwell has been murdered, Clegg has gone missing and another two thugs (a different pair from the executioners) are using heavy-handed tactics to try to find Clegg and the money.

Banks and his team methodically and slowly work through the clues to track down the killers. When Rothwell’s son is finally located in America and returns home, the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Meanwhile, Banks is starting to feel some minor cracks in his marriage. He and Sandra may be starting to drift apart.

Much to DC Susan Gay’s horror, DS Jim Hatchley has returned to Eastvale to work. But is he really the vulgar Neanderthal that she thinks he is?


This was an excellent addition to the series. The double life of Rothwell made for an interesting plot and I am enjoying the progress of the lives of the main characters – Alan Banks, Sandra, Gristhorpe, Susan Gay and Jim Hatchley (and also Dick Burgess). I’m looking forward to catching up with them again in – ‘Innocent Graves’.


Book Published 1994


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