Friday On My Mind by Nicci French

‘Friday on my Mind’ is the 5th book in the Frieda Klein series by Nicci French. As usual with a new Nicci French book, I devoured this on in a very short time and I’m now left waiting a year for the next one.

A young girl is on a sightseeing tour on the Thames when she sees a whale in the water. She tells her father who is confused until he realises that the whale is actually a bloated corpse. The corpse is decomposed beyond recognition but has a plastic hospital bracelet on his wrist with the name Dr Frieda Klein. When Frieda is called in to view the body, she recognises Sandy by his clothes.

Because of Frieda and Sandy’s bitter breakup, Frieda becomes a suspect and when they search Frieda’s home, the police find planted evidence. Commissioner Crawford and Hal Bradshaw would like nothing more than to have Frieda found guilty. But Frieda thinks she knows who really murdered Sandy and she will never be able to prove it from jail. So she goes into hiding to avoid incarceration and try to solve the crime.

With the support of her loyal band of friends – Sasha, Olivia, Chloe, Reuben, Josef and Detective Mal Karlsson, Frieda manages to stay one step ahead of the police and gradually pieces together the clues that she needs. She even manages to make a few new friends (and enemies) on the way.


The story was incredibly tense throughout but still had Frieda remaining calm and composed. Once again, Dean Reeve hovers in the background – in person and in Frieda’s thoughts – manipulating situations to suit himself. Sometime in the next two or three books I expect that we’ll find out his ultimate aim.

Although this book was exciting in its own right, it would be best read as part of the series. The characters build up over time from the first book. The series has completely pulled me in and I can hardly wait for the next novel – the Saturday book ‘Saturday Requiem‘.


Book Published 2015


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