The Bourne Legacy by Eric Van Lustbader

‘The Bourne Legacy’ is the 4th Bourne novel but it is the first written by Eric Van Lustbader after the death of Bourne’s inventor, Robert Ludlum. As with all the Bourne books, this one contains nonstop action.

David Webb is busy being the mild mannered (almost) family man and college professor when he is targeted by a gunman and then finds that his two best friends have been murdered. He sends his wife and kids into hiding (not to be seen again till the end of the book) and takes on the persona of Jason Bourne.

What follows is a mad dash around Europe with the gunman (Khan) trying to kill Bourne, the CIA chasing Bourne for a murder he didn’t commit, and Bourne trying to find out who has killed his friends and framed him.

Of course it’s all part of an evil plot for world domination by a madman and Bourne’s goal in the end is to try and foil this plot.


The pace of the novel was so hectic that I didn’t have much time to think while reading, and it was only afterwards that I began to find the holes. Why did Spalko pull Bourne into his plans in the first place, knowing his record for surviving and beating the bad guys.

Three of my favourite characters in the Bourne series to date are Marie, Mo Panov and Alex Conklin all of whom have almost no part in this story.

The backstory on Khan was nice even though unbelievable. In later books that I’ve read, he’s not part of the story which is a bit disappointing.

I know that in at least some of the later books the plot holds together much better than in this one. Despite that, I think I’ll take an extended break from Bourne.


Book Published 2004


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