Blood Salt Water by Denise Mina

‘Blood Salt Water’ is the 5th book in Denise Mina’s Alex Morrow series. It involves a complex crime and focuses less on Alex’s personal like than some of the other books in the series.

The Met have had a group of money launderers under surveillance for months. Then one of the chief suspects, Roxanna Fuentecilla moves to Glasgow and becomes the responsibility of DI Alex Morrow and her team. Festering beneath the surveillance work is the question of whether the Met or Police Scotland will reap the proceeds of crime when the case wraps up. Then Roxanna goes missing.

Meanwhile, a woman has been murdered by two thugs in the picturesque town of Helensburgh. We follow the life of Iain Fraser who carried out the murder to repay a debt and now feels that the dead woman has invaded his body and is eating away at him from the inside.

Susan Grier has just returned to Helensburgh after decades of absence. She used to be a scout leader and knew both Iain and Boyd (the owner of the Paddle café). She renews her friendship with both of them but something about her is not quite right. Is she really here to sort out her late mother’s estate, or does she have another reason for coming back to Helensburgh.

Gradually the three stories are woven together until Alex and her team are able to work out what has really been going on.


This was a very complex and very clever novel but it just didn’t appeal to me in the same way that the rest of the series has.

I think I missed digging around in Alex’s personal life. The only real personal stuff concerned her brother Danny – there was quite dramatic progress on that front. I also found that no one in this novel was particularly likeable.

Even though this has not been my favourite in the series, I still look forward to future instalments.


Book Published 2015


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