Hide by Lisa Gardner

‘Hide’ is the 2nd book in Lisa Gardner’s D.D. Warren series although, once again, D.D. is not the main character.

Annabelle Granger has been on the run for her whole life. When she was 7 years old, her father packed up the family and moved them from Boston to Florida with no warning and no reason given. They moved every few years after that, taking on new identities each time. Now, with both her parents dead, Annabelle is back in Boston. And while she still has an assumed name and is very security conscious, she has no plans to move again.

Then the mummified remains of six young girls are found in an underground chamber in the grounds of the old Boston mental hospital. A locket on one of the bodies identifies her as Annabelle Granger. Annabelle decides to overcome her fears and go to the police rather than be declared dead.

On discovery of the bodies, D.D. immediately contacts Detective  Bobby Dodge because of the similarity between the burial chamber and a pit used in an earlier case – the one in which Catherine Gagnon (‘Alone’) was held. Annabelle also bears a striking resemblance to Catherine. But Catherine’s abductor was in prison at the time that the Boston crimes took place.

Gradually D.D. and Bobby unravel Annabelle’s history and discover some suspicious characters from Annabelle’s past as well as among the staff and patients of the long closed mental hospital. But tying everything together is proving to be a challenge.

Meanwhile, Bobby finds himself falling for Annabelle in the same way that he fell for Catherine. But, like Catherine, Annabelle may be incapable of normal relationships.

As the tension increases, Annabelle finds any feelings of safety that she felt slipping away as her past comes crashing back and she begins to discover the reason that she has spent her whole life running.


This was an excellent book. It hooked me in in the early pages and wouldn’t let me go till the end. I found myself invested in the characters of Annabelle and Bobby and even D.D. started to get to me in this one (she’s a hard lady and hard to get to know).

I’m looking forward to continuing the series with – ‘The Neighbor’.


Book Published 2007


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