Someone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary

‘Someone Else’s Skin’ is Sarah Hilary’s debut novel and with winning the 2015 Theakston award for this book, she is off to a brilliant start. This is the first book of a series featuring DI Marnie Rome. Book 2 of the series ‘No Other Darkness’ has already hit the shelves and book 3 – ‘Tastes Like Fear’ is due for release in 2016.

Marnie Rome is a damaged person. Five years ago her parents were murdered by her foster brother. She can still see the blood when she closes her eyes, but she went straight back to work to get over her pain.

Rome and DS Noah Jake know that the perpetrator in their current investigation is Narif Mirza, but they need more proof. Narif’s sister Ayana is currently in a woman’s refuge after being attacked by her family. When they go to see Ayana, they find that a crime has just taken place at the refuge. Hope Proctor’s husband Leo turned up at the refuge with a knife and has now been stabbed. Jake and Ayana save Leo’s life.

The investigation into Leo’s stabbing becomes the main plot of the story and takes many unexpected turns. But, we also find out the tragic stories of the other women in the refuge as well as delving into the lives of Marnie Rome, Noah Jake and social worker Ed Belloc.


This is a heart rending story about domestic violence and the different sorts of victims and perpetrators. Very often things are not the way that they look from the outside, and the truth can be surprising.

Sarah Hilary is an excellent writer and I felt myself drawn into the people and the places. The characters were brilliant and I felt like I’d got to know some of them quite well by the end of the novel (not always necessarily a good thing).

I particularly loved the final chapter and was pleased to see that situation resolved in such a dramatic way.

DI Marnie Rome is such a complex character and I’m looking forward to getting to know her better, along with Noah Jake and Ed Belloc in the next book in the series – ‘No Other Darkness’.


Book Published 2014


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