The Enemy by Lee Child

‘The Enemy’ is the 8th Reacher book by Lee Child and takes Jack Reacher back in time to New Year’s Day 1990 when he was working for the military police. So, if you’re reading the series in order and wondering why Reacher is the way he is, then this book explains a lot.

The Berlin Wall is coming down and the world is changing. With no more cold war, it is inevitable that the army will shrink. There is a huge contingent of semi-static equipment strategically pointed at Eastern Europe. It is heading towards obsolescence along with the sections of the army that run it. But what will happen to those who built careers and lives based on the ongoing cold war?

It is amid these power struggles that Reacher is transferred from the important base of Panama to Fort Bird North Carolina. And, he is not the only MP who has suddenly been moved out of a key location.

Then he is called to investigate a death. A two star General has died from a heart attack in a seedy hotel. He was on his way to a meeting and his briefcase, containing the meeting agenda is missing.

As Reacher, along with the beautiful Lieutenant Summer look for the briefcase and try to find out why the general was in North Carolina, others try to shut down the investigation. Murders with possible links to the general are also swept under the carpet.

But Reacher is unstoppable in his search for the truth.

Meanwhile, Reacher’s mother is dying. He and his brother Joe go to visit her in Paris but it isn’t till after her death that they find out details of her life that will forever change the way that they remember her.


This was one of my favourite Reacher books so far but it left me with a pretty bad impression of what large organisations can be life. I loved the sections concerning Reacher’s mother and I hope we travel back in time to meet her again. I would also have liked Joe to be part of the series for longer.

Every Reacher novel seems to provide a completely different story while building on his life and I can’t wait to read the next in the series – ‘One Shot’.


Book Published 2004


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