Vanishing Games by Roger Hobbs

‘Vanishing Games’ is the second novel by Roger Hobbs and follows on from his first novel ‘Ghostman’. A third book in the Ghostman series is already planned.

Jack is a Ghostman – he specialises in helping criminals vanish. No one knows anything about him, not even his real name. Except for the lady, known as Angela, who taught him everything he knows. Now a heist that Angela was running from Macau has gone wrong and even though she hasn’t seen Jack for five years, she calls on him for help.

Angela organised a group of pirates to intercept a yacht smuggling sapphires in the South China Sea. But when the pirates intercepted the yacht, valuable uncut sapphires was not the only thing they found on board. Now the one remaining pirate has decided to keep the much more valuable treasure for himself.

Suddenly Angela finds herself in trouble. Someone else was tracking the treasure (of which Angela has no knowledge) and wants it back. The gang who were supposed to receive the sapphires are also looking for their gems. She only has a short time in which to take care of those who are after her and she needs help from the only person in the world who she has ever really trusted.

The story runs at an incredible pace and the ending is quite intense. Along the way, there is a lot of violence. There was one bloody scene that I found almost impossible to read.


Even though this book was pretty good, I think I preferred Ghostman.

I enjoyed getting to know more about both Jack’s and Angela’s backgrounds although I found Angela very difficult to trust.

The book was action packed and so full of blood and gore that I became almost immune to it after a while. A lot of the criminal methods were very clever and obviously well researched.

Jack is an unlikely hero who I enjoy reading about and I’m looking forward to the third book in the series.


Book Published 2015


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