Without Fail by Lee Child

‘Without Fail’ is the 6th Reacher novel by Lee Child and has Jack Reacher helping the Secret Service with the protection of a newly elected Vice President.

M.E. Froelich is concerned about her ability to protect Vice President Brook Armstrong after receiving threatening letters. Her boyfriend from 5 years ago, Joe Reacher, once suggested that the best way to carry out an audit of the Secret Service procedures would be to find an outsider to do it. So, M.E. has tracked down her ex-boyfriend’s brother Jack Reacher to see if he could assassinate the Vice President. Reacher teams up with an old army colleague (the very sexy) Frances Neagley.

Reacher and Neagley find several opportunities to assassinate Armstrong and report back to Froelich. They then get involved with protection and in trying to find where the threats are coming from and who, if anyone, in the Secret Service is involved.

Meanwhile, the emotionally fragile M.E. Froelich starts to see Jack Reacher as a substitute for his dead brother Joe. Reacher responds in his typical manner.

It seems that the efforts of the Secret Service along with Reacher and Neagley might not be enough protection when the real assassination attempt arrives. Now Reacher and Neagley pull out all stops, with complete disregard for the law, to track down the killer before he can strike again.


This was an excellent and typically action packed Reacher story. Frances Neagley was a brilliant character and it was very refreshing to meet a woman who didn’t want to jump into bed with Reacher. I hope we get to see more of Neagley and find out what makes her tick.

I’ll assume that the Secret Service and FBI are a bit more competent than portrayed in this book. Life would be pretty scary if they needed the likes of Reacher and Neagley to get their job done.

I’m looking forward to the next action-packed instalment in the series with – ‘Persuader’.


Book Published 2002


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