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Camilla Läckberg was born in Sweden in 1974 in the small fishing village of Fjällbacka on the west coast. From a very early age she was fascinated with literature and wrote gruesome thrillers at the age of 5.

Despite her talent for writing, Läckberg studied economics at the school of Business, Economics and Law on Gothenburg. She then moved to Stockholm where she worked as a product manager. But eventually she grew bored with her career.

For a Christmas present, her family bought her a place on a writing course called ‘Writing Crime Fiction’. It was on this course that she started her first novel ‘The Ice Princess’. The crime series featuring detective Patrik Hedström now contains 8 novels. In addition to this, Läckberg has written two cookbooks, and the Super-Charlie childrens series containing 4 books.

In addition to her writing, Läckberg is the mother of 3 children, two with her first husband Micke Eriksson and one with her second husband Martin Melin. She is also part-owner of a jewellery company ‘Sahara’ and helped to establish music company One Spoon Music which produces music and jingles (this grew out of her work on Super-Charlie).

She currently lives in Stockholm with her husband and three children.



Patrik Hedström series:

  • Isprinsessan (2003), The Ice Princess (Steven T. Murray) (#1) (2008)
  • Predikanten (2004), The Preacher (Steven T. Murray) (#2) (2009)
  • Stenhuggaren (2005), The Stonecutter (Steven T. Murray) (#3) (2010)
  • Olycksfågeln (2006), The Gallows Bird/ The Stranger (Steven T. Murray) (#4) (2011) (filmed as the Jinx)
  • Tyskungen (2007), The Hidden Child (Tiina Nunnally) (#5) (2011)
  • Sjöjungfrun (2008), The Drowning (Tiina Nunnally) (#6) (2012)
  • Fyrvaktaren (2009), The Lost Boy (Tiina Nunnally) (#7) (2013)
  • Änglamakerskan (2011), The Angel Maker’s Wife/ Buried Angels (Tiina Nunnally (#8) (2014)
  • Lejontämjaren (2014), The Ice Child (Tiina Nunnally (#9) (2016)
  • Häxan (2017), The Witch


Super-Charlie series:

  • 4 books not currently available in english

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