Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo

‘Midnight Sun’ is the second book by Jo Nesbo featuring the Fisherman – the biggest crime lord in Oslo. The first was ‘Blood on Snow’.

Jon Hansen has been working for the Fisherman as a debt collector and fixer (contract killer). The problem is that in the two killings attributed to Jon, his role wasn’t exactly what the Fisherman imagined it to be. Eventually Jon’s deception catches up with him and he flees Oslo and the Fisherman.

He travels to the far Northwest corner of Norway to the small town of Kåsund in the county of Finnmark. He is so far north that in summer, the sun never sets.

Using the name Ulf, he meets an eccentric local named Mattis, the beautiful daughter of the head of a very strict religious sect named Lea, and her lively, clever 10 year old son named Knut. They set him up in a hunting cabin with a rifle and supplies of food.

But even for a man on the run, the isolation is a bit too much. He visits the town of Kåsund where he makes friends and enemies.

The Fisherman has always said that he will never stop searching until he sees the corpse. Eventually the Fisherman’s men make their way to Kåsund where they have no trouble finding someone to betray Jon/Ulf.

With his enemies closing in, Jon doesn’t know whether to face them and fight, keep running or take his own life. Does he even have a reason to go on living?


Once again, I found the start of this book a bit slow. But, from about halfway through I couldn’t put it down.

I loved the main characters in the story – Jon, Lea, Knut and Mattis (and the old reindeer buck). They all had quite a lot of depth to them for such a short book.

After this book and the previous one, I’m hoping to see a book where someone takes their revenge against the Fisherman.


Book Published 2015 (Norwegian)

Book Published in English 2015


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