The Summons by Peter Lovesey

‘The Summons’ is the 3rd novel in the Peter Diamond series by Peter Lovesey featuring the grumpy old detective.

Four years ago Diamond was the lead detective on a case in which John Mountjoy was found guilty of murder and sent to prison. Mountjoy has always professed his innocence. Now he has escaped from prison and taken the assistant chief constable’s daughter Samantha hostage. He has promised to release her unharmed if Diamond will find the real murderer and prove his innocence.

Mountjoy has no idea that Diamond is no longer with the police so the police are forced to bring Diamond in to talk to Mountjoy.

There are a number of conflicting priorities within the police. Assistant Chief Constable Tott just wants his daughter returned safely. Commander Warrilow wants to recapture Mountjoy at any cost. Diamond feels that if he made a mistake about Mountjoy then he should reinvestigate because justice is more important than his reputation. The higher ups in the police do not want the embarrassment of having a conviction overturned.

Diamond uses all his leverage to get his way, but he has a strict time limit to get Mountjoy to release Samantha before Warrilow goes after Mountjoy with force. Diamond has only one detective to assist him – Julie Hargreaves, and is given a storeroom as an office.

As Diamond and Julie chip away at the old case, the tension starts to mount. Mountjoy gets more and more desperate as Diamond is his only chance for proving his innocence and he is chased from one hiding place to another while Diamond works the case.

Then at the last minute Diamond and Julie finally make the breakthrough that they need.


This was another excellent addition to the series and Diamond has now managed to do a deal that may make his future job prospects more certain. Once again, I enjoyed the character of Peter Diamond and Julie Hargreaves also shone in this story. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series – ‘Bloodhounds’.


Book Published 1995


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