Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs

‘Bones to Ashes’ is the 10th Tempe Brennan novel by Kathy Reichs, who like her main character is a forensic anthropologist. I have been reading the books in order and have found some more enjoyable than others. This one I found fairly forgettable so that I’m struggling with this review only a few days after finishing the book.

Tempe receives an old skeleton that someone was keeping as a souvenir. The skeleton is from Acadia, so reminds her of a friend she had as a child who was also from Acadia. Tempe hasn’t seen her friend Evangeline or her sister Obeline since her childhood but decides to track them down. She has no success in finding Evangeline, but Obeline is married to a man who appears to be a complete monster.

Meanwhile, since Tempe discovered in the previous book that she still had strong feelings for her husband, she is shocked to find out that he is planning to remarry. Her relationship with Ryan also seems to be in a bit of a downhill spiral.

Feeling a bit down, Tempe speaks to her sister Harry who comes to her rescue. Together they decide to visit Obeline and find out what happened to Evangeline.

From that point, live gets a bit crazy. It seems that Obeline’s husband Bastarache has tried to maim and kill her. There also seem to be links between Bastarache and a group of missing girls that Ryan is trying to track down.

Then Harry does another of her vanishing acts.

Harry is probably the only person around who does more ridiculous and dangerous things than Tempe. So of course both Harry and Tempe end up risking their own lives and the lives of everyone else.


I certainly didn’t find this book to be a high point in the series. I’ll have to read the next one – ‘Devil Bones’ to put this one behind me.


Date Published 2007


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