Collusion by Stuart Neville

‘Collusion is Stuart Neville’s 2nd DI Jack Lennon novel and while it could be read as a standalone novel, it is a much better read if you have already read book 1 – ‘The Twelve/ The Ghosts of Belfast’. The first book introduces many of the characters who appear in this book and the final showdown in book 1 sets the scene for most of the hostilities in this book.

Many years ago, DI Jack Lennon was one of the first Catholics to join the predominantly loyalist police force. His family permanently disowned him for joining the ‘peelers’. Marie McKenna was from a prominent republican family, so they were not happy when she married Jack. She is now in hiding with their daughter Ellen. The republican hitman- the hero from book 1 Gerry Fegan is living under a false name in the USA.

Bull O’Kane wants revenge against those who let him down and betrayed him and left him permanently disabled. He hires a man known as the Traveller to clean up anyone who worked against him. But the main target of his revenge is Gerry Fegan and he knows that the best way to lure Fegan out of hiding is by using Marie and Ellen as bait.

The novel tells about the brutal deaths of those on Bull O’Kane’s target list – with sections of the police covering up the crimes. It seems that anyone will work with anyone else these days, regardless of loyalty, as long as the price is right. Meanwhile Lennon just wants to find his daughter Ellen and discover the truth about the murders.

Eventually Marie, Ellen and Gerry Fegan are all lured out of hiding for the final showdown.


This novel was extremely bloody but also very clever, extremely well written and enjoyable to read. I did, however, prefer the first book in the series – ‘The Twelve/ The Ghosts of Belfast’. I’m looking forward to continuing the series with – ‘Stolen Souls’.


Book Published 2010


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