Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs

‘Devil Bones’ is the 11th novel in the Tempe Brennan series by Kathy Reichs. Although the plot in this one was OK, the character interactions weren’t great and overall the book just wasn’t one of the best in the series.

The story begins when a plumber carrying out some work in an old house stumbles across a human skull surrounded by other ritualistic objects. Analysis shows the skull to belong to a teenage girl.

Shortly after this, the body of a teenage boy is found. The head is missing and satanic symbols are carved into the body.

Tempe, working with detective Skinny Slidell and his partner Rinaldi are left investigating two deaths while a local politician does his best to whip up fear about devil worship.

Along the way, Tempe is reunited with an old flame. But she can’t stop thinking about her absent love interest Detective Andrew Ryan. Will the relationship with Charlie go anywhere or is Tempe still hoping to reignite her relationship with Ryan? And is Tempe’s ex-husband Pete really going to marry the young blonde air-head Summer?

The book progresses in typical style for the series with Tempe finding herself in mortal danger before she manages to get the case wrapped up.

The big difference in this book is that one of the long term characters, whom we have got to know and love, does actually get killed.

In this book, I missed Tempe’s sister Harry, I didn’t get enough of Ryan and we didn’t get to spend time with any of Tempe’s quirky girlfriends. I didn’t like Charlie much at all.


I’ve already read the next book in the series – ‘206 Bones’.


Date Published 2008


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