Caroline Overington Profile and Books

Caroline Overington is an award winning Australian journalist and author. She grew up in Victoria and attended Deakin University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in journalism. She has worked as a journalist for several Australian newspapers including as a foreign correspondent, spending time in the USA with her young family. She currently works as associate editor for the Australian Woman’s Weekly.

Her first published works were non-fiction and were highly acclaimed. She has published 3 non-fiction and 6 fiction works which have won many awards.

Her fiction works are normally based around an idea which is highly political or controversial and usually very confronting.

Caroline and her family divide their time between homes in Sydney’s Bondi and Santa Monica California.




  • Only in New York: How I Took Manhattan (2006)
  • Kickback: Inside the Australian Wheatboard Scandal (2007)
  • Last Woman Hanged (2014)


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