I Know Who Did It by Steve Mosby

‘I Know Who Did It’ (also published as ‘The Reckoning on Cane Hill’) is a sequel to Steve Mosby’s 2007 novel ‘The 50/50 Killer’. As I was hoping to read ‘The 50/50 Killer’ in the next few months, I hope that this novel has not been too much of a spoiler. It certainly didn’t spoil this book that I hadn’t read the earlier one.

The early parts of the novel follow two separate stories. Detective Mark Nelson interviews a woman in hospital. She claims to be Charlie Matheson, but Charlie died in a car accident 2 years ago. The woman in hospital claims that she died 2 years ago, and she bears an uncanny resemblance to the photos of Charlie Matheson.

Detective David Groves lost his 2 year old son Jamie a few years ago. He was abducted while playing outside and his body was eventually found in a shallow grave. Each year Groves receives cards and letters from some very sick people. Now he has received a card that states I know who did it. Then further clues to the identity of his son’s murderers start to appear.

Eventually the cases merge and also tie into other people, particularly Inspector John Mercer who led the investigation into the 50/50 killer until the investigation almost destroyed him.

There are some very sinister plots and some very sinister characters at the heart of what is really going on including a group that believes they have the power over good and evil and over life and death.


I found some parts of this novel a bit confusing (maybe reading ‘The 50/50 Killer’ first would have helped with this) but mostly the novel was an edge of your seat thriller. The criminals behind the intricately planned and detailed crimes are some of the most sinister I have come across.

As with the other Steve Mosby novel I have read – ‘The Nightmare Place’, I found this one difficult to put down and I’m keen to read more. ‘The 50/50 Killer’ is the next Mosby book on my list and I’ll be reading it as soon as I can.


Book Published 2015


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