Prophecy by S.J. Parris

‘Prophecy is the 2nd Bruno Giordano novel by S.J.Parris set in Elizabethan England. Although this novel would work quite well as a standalone novel, Reading the first in the series – ‘Heresy’ adds a lot to Bruno’s character and introduces many of the other characters.

Elizabethan England was a time of traitorous plots and of prophecy and magic. Even though prophecy was illegal, England (including the Queen) was abuzz with it. Now with Jupiter and Saturn aligning in a once every thousand year event, people fear the end of days.

Bruno has been living at the French Ambassador’s residence and secretly working for Queen Elizabeth’s chief spymaster Walsingham. Now that the plots to remove Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Stuart are increasing, the information that Bruno gleans is invaluable.

But how do the plots and prophecies relate to the murder of one of the Queen’s maids? Bruno sets out to find the murderer but from the outset he has the feeling that he is being watched. When a second and then a third murder are carried out, Bruno fears that he has led the murderer to the victims.

Bruno’s good friend John Dee has been providing prophecies to the Queen. One of his prophecies predicted one of the murders, so now Dee is in trouble. Has he been set up by the murderer?

With so much going on, Bruno has no idea who to trust. His good friend Sir Sidney Philip is busy with his new wife and Bruno must place his trust in others.


There was such an abundance of suspects in this novel that I gave up trying to guess. Like Bruno, there were plenty of people I was hoping would be guilty.

This time Bruno comes close enough to the book he is seeking to touch it.

I enjoyed this novel and the feeling of danger that it instilled in me along with the sights, sounds and smells (and magic) of 1583 London.

Bruno is a character who I enjoy more and more the better I get to know him.

I have already read the next two novels in the series – ‘Sacrilege’ and ‘Treachery’ and look forward to the 5th novel ‘Conspiracy‘.


Book Published 2011


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