All That Is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster

As an Australian, I’m always surprised at how long it takes to discover Australian authors. Something must be wrong with the way they are promoted. ‘All That Is List Between Us’ is an excellent thriller from an excellent Australian author and I can’t wait to read some of Sara Foster’s other novels.

17 year old cousins Georgia and Sophia are the best of friends. But during the school holidays they spend some time apart and each develops a secret that they are having trouble sharing with the other. Finally when each can hold the burden on their own for no longer, they prepare to talk to each other. But, disaster strikes before they can share their secrets. Sophia is run down by a hit and run driver and Georgia is left injured and traumatised and not knowing who else she can turn to.

But Georgia is not the only one in her family with problems. Her parents have been slowly drifting apart for years as her psychologist mother Anya tries to control everything and her mountain rescuer father Callum spends more and more time away from home. Her younger brother Zac is trying very hard to grow up while watching his family fall apart.

As the Hunter family struggles to stop itself from being ripped apart, Sophia’s and Georgia’s secrets threaten to overtake their lives along with the lives of everyone around them. Everything is under threat including their lives.


What an excellent thriller. This novel had me on the edge of my seat. And most of the teenage behaviour in the book was very realistic.

My only real gripe about this novel was with the extreme fitness of the characters especially while dragging my creaking old body out for its daily walk.

This was an excellent psychological thriller. I have Sara Foster’s novel ‘Shallow Breath’ on my book shelf and can’t wait to read it.


Book Published 2016


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